About Dmarcian

Since 2012 dmarcian has been helping individuals and organizations across the globe deploy DMARC. Founded by Tim Draegen, a primary author of the DMARC technical spec, dmarcian exists to provides resources, support, and tools for organizations of all sizes to efficiently deploy DMARC.


Developed in 2012, DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) is an email authentication protocol that gives insight into how email is delivered. DMARC gives email senders the ability to not only receive feedback about how receivers treat their email, but also the ability to inform receivers to reject illegitimate messages. DMARC is helping organizations of every size ensure reliability and prevent phishing and domain spoofing.

Some informational videos on the simple mail transfer protocol and the technology that is around to “secure” it.

SMTP Overview:

SPF Overview:

DKIM Overview:

DMARC Overview:

DMARC – Technical Overview: