Nortel Networks

Bay Networks.

Bay Networks LogoBay Networks was a network hardware vendor formed through the merger of Santa Clara, California based SynOptics Communications and Billerica, Massachusetts based Wellfleet Communications on July 6, 1994. SynOptics was an important early innovator of Ethernet products, having developed a pre-standard twisted pair 10Mbit/s Ethernet product and a modular Ethernet hub product that dominated the enterprise networking market. Wellfleet was an important competitor to Cisco Systems in the router market, ultimately commanding up to a 20% market share of the network router business worldwide. The combined company was renamed Bay Networks as a nod to the legacy that SynOptics was based in the San Francisco area and Wellfleet was based in the Boston area, two cities well known for their bays.

I own the following certification:

  • Baynetworks Ethernet Connectivity
  • Baynetworks Tokenring Connectivity
  • Baynetworks DOS LattisNet Manager 4.2
  • Baynetworks managing your network with Optivity/Unix
  • Baynetworks Optivity 5.x for Unix
  • Baynetworks System 5000 Connectivity
  • Baynetworks System 28000 Connectivity
  • Baynetworks ASN en AN routers

SynOptics Communications.

SynOptics Communications LogoSynOptics Communications was a Santa Clara, California-based early computer network equipment vendor from 1985 until 1994. SynOptics popularized the concept of the modular Ethernet “hub” and high-speed Ethernet networking over copper twisted-pair and fiber optic cables.

The Nortel Discovery Protocol had its origin in the SynOptics Network Management Protocol (SONMP), developed before the SynOptics and Wellfleet merger in 1994. The protocol was rebranded as the Bay Network Management Protocol (BNMP) and some protocol analyzers referenced it as the Bay Discovery Protocol (BDP). Four years later, in 1998, Bay Networks was acquired by Nortel and renamed it to Nortel Discovery Protocol.

WellFleet Communications.

Wellfleet Communications LogoWellfleet Communications was an Internet router company founded in 1986 by Paul Severino, Bill Seifert, Steven Willis and David Rowe based in Bedford, Massachusetts, and later Billerica, Massachusetts. In an attempt to more effectively compete with Cisco Systems, its chief rival, it merged in October, 1994 with SynOptics Communications of Santa Clara, California to form Bay Networks. Bay Networks would in turn by acquired by Nortel in June, 1998.